[Literature] The dive


 Melly is a main character of this story. She doesn’t have her mother, so whenever she needs help or advice she goes to her grandmother’s house. Once she sees boys diving into the river. She really wanted to do it but her father said no. She went to her grandmother’s house and asked for an advice. Her grandma allowed her to dive but told her a story that included a lesson. Next day, Melly decided not to dive in the water because as her grandma said, she might get addicted to the diving. Also she already drank coffee, so she thought she is a grown up.


MY thought:

 Both Melly and I ask for an advice to an adult when we need to make a decision or we are in hardship. If I were Melly, I think I wouldn’t dive too because I might bump my head on the rock in the bottom of the river and because I am not good at diving. Instead of diving, I will swim in the river.


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Hi, I'm a 6th grader in South Korea.
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